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Gasket tankless hot water

AlbertoAlberto Member Posts: 1
I have a tankless hot water coil in a 1980s American Standard boiler.

The coil plate was leaking fairly steadily, so I took it off to find not much of a gasket left, one stripped bolt and one broken bolt (which I broke, of course).

I drilled and retapped and bought some nice new bolts, only to find that the gaskets are unattainable and no place offering gasket material sturdy enough to hold up.

I am on my third attempt: Number One, a modified gasket from a local heating supply company couldn't withstand my modifications and got chewed up when I bolted it down. Number Two, a better designed gasket taken from a pattern meticulously traced from the actual plate, performed even worse – possibly because it was only a 3/16 silicone affair.


How thick should the new gasket be, what material should I use and where do I buy it?

I tried to search this on the Wall, but couldn't find any thing.

Thanks very much,



  • SteamheadSteamhead Member Posts: 13,995
    edited August 2011
    If that's an American-Standard boiler

    it wasn't made in the 1980s. A-S sold their boiler line to Burnham in 1971 or so.

    You might try an industrial supplier for some gasket material. They use some pretty heavy-duty stuff. Or, look at upgrading to a more-efficient boiler and indirect tank.
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  • Al Letellier_21Al Letellier_21 Member Posts: 402
    coil gasket

    Everhot makes replacement coils for virtually every boiler out there and you should be able to get a gasket for it....just make sure of the boiler model
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