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Indirect for Vitodens 200 and sizing

I'm trying to decide which indirect to add to a Vitodens 200 WB2B-45 (160K BTU) for a family of four with two teenage boys. 

 I'm partial to the Vitocell 300 but first question is, are there other brand indirects that will accept the Vitodens sensor and work properly? 

Second question is the tank size.  I'm replacing an 80 gallon tank that's never left us without a hot shower.  House has 3.5 baths with standard low flow 2.5 GPM shower heads - no rain heads, no multiple outlets, no whirlpools - and our worst case is 2 showers running simultaneously (wife and one son), followed by two more simultaneous (me and my other son).

 My preference now is a vertical Vitocell 100 or 300 53 gallaon tank but some people are warning me that I won't have enough hot water capacity.  I think it'll do especially since the recovery times on the tank seem to be good, I'll be prioritizing the heating zone, I have extra capacity in the boiler (heat loss is 110K vs. a 160K sized boiler), and I'm thinking I can always up the tank temp and install and anti-scald valve to "boost" it.....but I need some expert input on this one because I'll be the one with the cold shower in the end if it's not sized properly!


  • veissman_Bob
    veissman_Bob Member Posts: 48
    any ideas?

    Hate to be a pain, but anyone have any idea if the 53 gallon tank would provide enough hot water?  And if not, which tanks do you recommend that will take the Viessmann sensor?
  • meplumber
    meplumber Member Posts: 678
    Should be ok.

    We have a family of four (two teenagers) and my 40 gallon Amtrol has been working fine for years.  I run a 009 on it for a little quicker recovery, and I run it around 130-135 with a Honeywell tempering valve.

    I like the Vitocell 300.  It is really the last dhw tank you will have to buy.  I seem to sell a lot of the 79's, but that could be clientele.  I would say to set the tank around 140 and put in the tempering valve.

    Good luck.
  • veissman_Bob
    veissman_Bob Member Posts: 48

    Thank you very much, that's the route I'm going to take!
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