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indirect water heater

ashman Member Posts: 1
7 years ago I installed radiant flooring in my new house powered by a Munchkin.

Against my professional's advise I installed an indirect water cylinder.

Winter is great except since I zoned with circulators the tank gets

over-hot when the other zones are calling for heat. I think the primary

pump flow just pulls a low flow through the tank.

In the summer the Munchkin does it's thing and even though it's a modulating boiler it seems like an over kill.

The Crown indirect has years of life left so is there any way I can convert it to another heat source/form?

 The winter flow problem could be fixed I think by replacing the

secondary pump with a zone valve.  Any one got a better idea? If that is the only solution what

valve is ideal?


  • I have the same set up

    in my basement except that I zone with zone valves.  If your installer did his piping according to the installation instructions, you should not be experiencing gravity flow which seems to be over heating your indirect.

    Here are the installation instructions:

    I'm sure your professional did a great job - he might just be missing a check valve or two.
    Often wrong, never in doubt.
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997

    It could be that a flow check is sticking open. The other question I have is do you have a mixing valve on your indirect?
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