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oldman Member Posts: 4
I have read the arguments regarding if instructors in the trades need Master Degrees and I found it most interesting. The big -- shall I say piss off - I have with education for the trades is with the manufacturers and their new and improved machinery and control systems. Who has not ,this day and age, walked into a building that is controlled by DDC - Direct Digital Controls - and felt utterly lost? The large companies have a staff of highly trained engineers - like my eldest son - to design and interface this product with the existing building equipment. I have found at least half the time, no one on the maintenance staff, knows any more about the system than you do; but, they called you because you are the expert heating / cooling tech. The companies installing this equipment supply the installer with plans, usually electrical contractor's, and they install it as it is drawn - they know no more about the technical aspects than we do! When you ask for help - you receive the," go away you bother me treatment", trying to ask these people for help is somewhat akin to asking for the keys to their homes. The same goes for unitary equipment - eg: rooftop heating and cooling. The unit is run by a unitary computer on board and the wiring diagrams mean nothing to someone without a computer science degree. None of the companies putting out this equipment, to the best of my knowledge; ever and I mean never, offer courses on their new and improved models. The manufacturers need to step up and be counted. The equipment is new - fine, have a website - training officer - wholesaler that is knowledgeable about the equipment and are available to help, if you run into trouble. I have never seen this happen in Winnipeg and if you do not think trying to fix a rooftop unit at 40 below is painful I suggest you come up here in January. We are the sacrificial lambs and I for one am absolutely fed up with it. I would suggest; we ask Dan, to tell the makers we are tired of trying to intelligently repair equipment that we have had no training on! I am tired of making these huge conglomerates look good.

All the best and hug your kids -  they are the future we are the past.

Jack Martin
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