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Remote thermostat for older Amana PTAC?

kiwandakiwanda Member Posts: 12
I have a late 90s Amana PTAC (model #PTC093A35AB) in a guest room that I would like to control with a remote thermostat. I have an extra Honeywell manual thermostat (model #LC1620/T87F) with separate heat/cool controls. What I can't determine is if these units are compatible. The PTAC manual is vague on this and I can't find any literature on the T87F that answers my questions either.

Anyone have any advice on this?  I was going to replace the PTAC this summer but we've decided to keep it another year, so I'm hoping better controls will make it more useable in the space.




  • kiwandakiwanda Member Posts: 12
    edited July 2011
    Question about fan control still-- help?

    Tracking down help from the manufacturer was a bit of a challenge. I finally spoke with a tech that confirmed this old Honeywell t-stat will be fine with the PTAC. I've got it installed and it worked fine for cooling, but sending a call for heat triggers a "faulty thermostat" diagnostic code from the PTAC board.  I worked on this for a while and think the problem is that while the t-stat turns on the fan with a call for cooling (it appears to close both Y and G for cooling) it does not on a call for heat (only closes W2 and not G). The PTAC board reads that as a failure and won't turn on the heat, since it expects the fan to be on also.

    This was verified by sending a call for heat with the fan switch on the t-stat set to "on" rather than "auto." PTAC heat came on under those conditions.

    So I need some way to get the Honeywell T87F (manual here to close G when there's a call for heat.  It would seem a simple task, but the manual only has examples for three-wire hookups and this PTAC requires four.


  • JStarJStar Member Posts: 2,752

    Relays can change the world.

    Have the T-stat energize a relay coil that sends R to both W and G.
  • JStarJStar Member Posts: 2,752

    Hope this makes sense. USE FUSES!!!
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