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Frozen split

I have a ductless split,non-inverter tech, customer want's 68*f. Would the evap freeze?


  • don_9
    don_9 Member Posts: 395
    Doubt it

    68DB-20degree temp drop if no humidity = 48 degree refrigerant temps back at the compressor.I would explain to him the issue with not enough run time with a bigger unit to maintain 68 degree may not run long enough to pull out the humidity.

    Then again its possible that lowering the stat setting to 68 the coil temps will always be below dew point and humidity may never be a issue.again depending on run time of the equipment.

    Personally i think you would be find.the only other issue I could think of is sweaty and fog windows. 
  • Eugene Silberstein_2
    Eugene Silberstein_2 Member Posts: 349
    I second the gentleman from Virginia

    I think that you will be fine.... in a strictly air conditioning kind of way!
  • World Plumber
    World Plumber Member Posts: 389
    freezing split

    On many of the units you need at least 12 feet in front of the unit so cold air doesn't bounce back to the coil. Brand X was using an over sized condenser coil a fee years back. 68 degrees was fine if it was above 80 outside. But get below 70 degrees you needed a low ambient kit or they would become ice machines.

        A properly built and installed unit should have no problems. With the exception of the possible window conditions mentioned before.
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