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Katie_G Member Posts: 2
Alright...I posted back in March about a problem with a Slant/Fin boiler. We had it replaced but here is the problem

So the boiler was new in 1998 and then in 2006 all the compartments were replaced due to a leak somewhere and they were all rusted out. We bought the house in 2007 and noticed that the boiler relief was piped to another room and directly to a drain and it was leaking so we didn't think much of it...just thought it was normal...otherwise why would they have it going to a drain (I know better now!).

So now we are in March 2011 and the boiler has been leaking so the compartments are completely rusted out again and need replacing. We called the same plumber who had replaced it in 1998 and fixed it in 2006. Since it wasn't under any sort of warranty of course they wouldn't offer us much of a discount ($300 for the components only). When asked (before they replaced it) why it was leaking they said they had no way of knowing). Upon replacing it I asked again and he said the relief tank was too small. I asked why they would install one that was too small and he never really answered so I asked how they know what size to put in and he said they have to measure all the pipes (all of ours are exposed). He further went on to admit that they just guess though as that is a pain to do. You can imagine my frustration.

So, now we are stuck with a bill of $2400 (which includes the $300 discount) and frustration over the fact that I really don't think we should have to pay all that.

We have tried to talk to other plumbers in town and nobody will talk to us or put anything in writing because they are business owners and don't want to make anyone mad. I am a completely ignorant person when it comes to plumbing and boilers and have no other recourse other than to trust the plumber.

Oh, I forgot to mention that when we got home there was a leak less than 2 inches from joint that he had been soldering which meant he had to come out the next day, drain the system, and fix it. He also told us that it wasn't his fault and the "fair" thing would be to just pay for half of it. He charged us for the whole thing!

I wrote a letter to the attorney general's office of MN but, of course, there isn't a whole lot they can do. Do any of you have and suggestions or what you think would be fair to pay for this. I want to be fair and pay for some of it but $2400?!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!


  • Al Letellier_21
    Al Letellier_21 Member Posts: 402
    MN leaking boiler

    It is hard to determine what exactly was done from your description and we don't discuss pricing here. but as an independent consultant, I would suggest you find one in your area, have him determine the extent of work and then consult your attorney in this matter. It may pay off or you may hear the dreaded: "this will cost more than it is worth to pursue". If you have a local code enforcement office or a State licensing/inspection bureau there, you could request a visit to your home for an inspection and review of the work performed. Wish I were closer as I do a lot of this kind of work, but MN and ME are a long way apart....good luck !!
  • Rod
    Rod Posts: 2,067
    System Problems

    Hi- Since you posted in the steam section of this board, just to make sure we are talking about the same type of system, I gather your system is hot water rather than steam?

    As was mentioned, one of the board rules is we don't discuss pricing on this board and really not knowing what exactly was done, the size of the system, model boiler,  etc. etc., we wouldn't be able to really determine whether or not what you were charged was reasonable anyway.

    In March you were advised to contact Slantfin. Did you do so and if so, what did they suggest? Slantfin has a very good reputation for quality and good customer service. They should have a rep in your area that would be able assist you and could suggest a reputable installer who could diagnose and fix your system.

    In March it was also suggested that you post pictures of your system. Photos of the boiler from different angles and which include the piping around it, would help us possibly see what problems your system might have.

    - Rod
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