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LAARS Endurance EBP 110 problem

initraminitram Posts: 15Member
I'm getting hot running water (sinks, showers, etc.) but my in floor heating doesn't work. The pumps for each zone seems to be working... but no hot water gets to the pex pipes in the floors. Any clue as to what might be the problem?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Here is a link for more info on my boiler system.


  • Charlie from wmassCharlie from wmass Posts: 3,966Member
    Warm weather shut down

    some heating systems will not run if the outside temperature is above a certain point. That would be the best case scenario. Lots of other things could also be an issue. WWSD is the abbreviation for this.
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  • PlumdogPlumdog Posts: 873Member
    3-way valve

    Determine if heated water leaves the unit and circulates towards the heating pumps...if not check to see if the 3-way valve (inside the jacket) is operational. The storage tank under the boiler must reach a minimum temp (~ 180), then the valve diverts flow to your heat system. If the display temp is erratic, where it used to be even, you could have one or more sensors gone bad.
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