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Water not staying in drain pan

Hi all,

Got a York M# FC48C3XN1A, S# A0C7571528 A-Coil on aYork M# GY9S080C16UP11J, S# WOC6096611 gas furnace. York filter rack on the side with Air Bear 20 X 25 filter in it.

This year the condensate is "overflowing"? even though it is draining. I installed an EZ-Trap, but the problem has come back. It seems to be after a long cooling cycle, the ac is 2 degrees off setpoint.

Any ideas? When I installed the trap, I also inspected the coil and pan, clean. Went ahead and sprayed coil with self-rinsing coil cleaner.

This is our unit. Boss said didn't do that last year. (I wasn't working for him then). Only thing that has changed from last year that I know about is the new stat I installed 3 months ago.

Any ideas? When we looked at it this afternoon it was draining fine, but making gurgling noises, which alerted us to the problem.

Thanks Don in MO


  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144
    edited May 2011

    Hi Don! How long is the drain line after the trap?If long,is there an  air vent after the trap?How old is the system? A lot of junk may be filling the condensate  pan after that spray - on cleaner was used .If that evap coil was dirty to begin with ,then an actual washing may have to be done to really clean the coil AND drain line .Those "S" style evap fins make it awful hard to see thru the coil when checking for dirt. Is that a variable speed blower motor? Maybe the e-z trap isnt deep enough to "trap "properly? What kind of trap was there before the e-z trap was installed?
  • James Day_2
    James Day_2 Member Posts: 191

    Also, I would check to see if there is a hairline crack in the pan itself.  If it is draining properly and water is not building up inside the pan itself, It might have cracked.  I would check there.   
  • alotlikeearl
    alotlikeearl Member Posts: 68
    check filter

    You might try removing the pleated filter and replace it with a cheap throw away and see what happens.
    [email protected] Member Posts: 139
    Thanks for the ideas

    But the problem was a low charge and freezing up of the coil. I believe it blocked the drain and that is when it would overflow.

    Charged it up last Thursday right before I left work.  OK for now. Looks like a leak or multiple leaks in the evap coil. Need to re-check it with more pressure in the system and see if I can pinpoint it. Coil under warranty, so no big deal either way.

    Just got to find the time to fix it permanently!

    Didn't want to leave everyone hanging, hate it myself when someone doesn't  follow up.

    Don in MO
  • James Day_2
    James Day_2 Member Posts: 191
    edited May 2011

    That looks like a blue fin coil model and serial number.  Last summer I had to replace about 20 york blue fin coils that were bad from the factory that were in service for 3-5 years.  Leaks originated in the center of the coils. York had a terrible string of bad coils from there Albuquerque manufacturer.  They switched all there production to there kansas facility. York also paid for labor and materials.  Worth looking into.
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