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LAARS EBP hot water problem

jcf Member Posts: 1
Laars EBP110/175 domestic hot water problems.

Help!! Any suggestion would be most welcome. Of late the domestic hot water on my laars EBP is acting up. We used to be able to get sustained hot water without any problems (5years since we got the system. This is the one that looks grey with black and yellow trim around the display). Starting a last September, we get cold water for almost 30seconds before hot water comes back again. We start off getting hot water normally, and then the temperature goes down slowly and then to cold water. And then the temperature goes back up but never as hot as we used to get. We have not touched anything related to the boiler (including the mixing of hot/cold water). Does anybody have an idea what may be wrong. It is pretty annoying as it takes the fun out of having a shower and takes forever to fill a bath . We have not had any work done in the house and everything was fine for 4 years. Additional update

Recently the boiler stopped working. We called in a service company and when they looked at the control model (LP FX05P01-120D LO526) it looked melted, a new unit was flown in and replaced still no hot water or heat, during the wait to get the part the system was dismantled and cleaned; seems it was plugged up. This explains the melted control unit system plugs up overheats and melts controller. NOTE TO LAARS WHY DO YOU HAVE THE CONTROL WIRES GO FROM THE BOILER AREA TO THE CONTROL AREA RIGHT UNDERNEATH THE CONTROL UNIT THIS OPENING ALLOWS HEAT TRANSFER CREATING PROBLEMS OR IN OUR CASE SYSTEM FAILURE. So new controller installed still no heat/DHW. New Automatic Ignition System Control( Fenwal 35-665908-115) ordered, again has to be shipped in, once installed system worked.

But the original DHW problem continues with erratic supply of hot water.

ANOTHER ISSUE FOR LAARS TO LOOK AT WHY ARE THERE NO PARTS IN VANCOUVER? Any help re the lack of continuous hot water would be of great help Thanks John


  • NYplumber
    NYplumber Member Posts: 503
    Flow switch

    Just a wild guess since I am unfamiliar with the LARRS EBP, test the flow switch.
  • Bill H.
    Bill H. Member Posts: 30
    Flow Switch

    Agree with NYPlumber. I unfortunately have the same unit. My flow switch acted up and had similar symptoms. You can easily check the switch by disconnecting the 2 wires from the switch and TEMORARILY jumpering them. This should cause the unit to circulate hot water from the 20 gallon tank thru the plate heat exchanger. Open up a tap and soon you should have a steady flow of hot water. LAARS has a product improvement version of the original switch which was located inside the cabinet near the plate exchanger. The revised switch is a paddle switch that mounts outside the cabinet, but requires a minor plumbing mod. Don't wait to verify switch operation! I was on vacation, and my original flow switch acted up, causing the boiler to think a call for DHW. This ran for several days, and the domestic water trapped in the heat exchanger built up so much pressure that the switch eventually started leaking. Thank goodness the house water supply had been turned off!
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997

    You may wish to have your service tech check with Laars as I believe they relocated the flow switch in some cases due to issues. Has your tech been in contact with tech support? Although a bit difficult to get through to, they are very informative...
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