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aq251 reset

polcat1ppolcat1p Member Posts: 28
i have the controll for pumps and it has a supply,return, and a secondary sensor.

do i put one on the primary supply, and primary return? i have 2 heat zones coming off my primary, not including the indirect. or do i put one on the primary and pic a heat zone supply/return? it also says i need a aq1000 t-stat, is that only for the outside temp to show up?



  • scott markle_2scott markle_2 Member Posts: 611

    The boiler return sensor is optional, it's used to protect the boiler from low return temps.

    the supply sensor should be measuring the temperature out of the boiler, make sure it's placed upstream of the DHW T so that it can measure supply during DHW production.

    This control is designed to work with special communicating thermostats. they do more than just display the outside temperature, they "communicate" with the reset control about the actual room temperature if it's rising or dropping, and how far from target it is, this information is used to determine what the supply temperature should be (Indoor Tweek of the ODR). and to sync the run cycles of the installed stats as best possible.

    Sound like you should spend some more time with the supporting literature, getting the sensors in the right places is crucial, but you also need to commission this thing and the default settings may not cut it.
  • polcat1ppolcat1p Member Posts: 28

    ok thanks. i just got the controll yesterday, and planed on reading the manual in the next few days(quickly skimed though it) just figured there some pro advice on here.
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