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Baxi Luna High Pitch noise

BaxiUser Member Posts: 1
I have been having an issue with my Baxi Luna. It started making a high pitch noise about three weeks ago. Called the technician but could not fidn anything wrong with the unit. The noise is almost constant but goes away when you turn the hot water tap on. the longer you run the hot water the longer the noise goes away. Anyone have any ideas what it could be?


  • ex_Baxi_employee
    ex_Baxi_employee Member Posts: 1
    Noisy Luna

    The noise that you describe sounds like it is coming from the diverter valve. If your heating system was not flushed properly after the first installation you probably have some debris from the system in the valve. The debris could be in the diverter on one of the paddles or in the bypass valve. To resolve this issue your technician needs to drain the boiler and remove the diverter valve and either clean out the valve or there is a valve repair kit available.

    Depending on the accessibility of your boiler and the familiarity of your technician to servicing these boilers the job could take about half a day. Either way, once the repair has been done I would highly reccomend having your heating system flushed and cleaned with a system cleaner, then have an inhibitor added. The last process is done to almost every heating system in Europe and the UK where this type of boiler is very common.

    Good luck, these are very good boilers...........I have had, and still have a Luna 310 in my house for 5 years and I am always amaized how low my gas bills are compared to my neighbours.
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