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smoky smell with slant/fin direct vent and riello bf5 combo

MW1212 Member Posts: 5
I have a 3 year old slant/fin direct vent furnace with a riello burner. oil fired. It has a smoke smell that seems to come from the boiler when running. The smell is not a gas like smell, but more of a burnt smell. I have tried two carbon monoxide detectors and neither register on the LCD, so I believe it is not exhaust.

My furnace technician has cleaned the furnace yearly, has resealed with

high temp silicone the hood each year, and this year put on a post purge

blower, but it still smells. It is a 3 year old furnace.

The technician recommends we convert from direct vent to a chimney with flu. Will this really fix the problem. Are there other options?


  • MW1212
    MW1212 Member Posts: 5
    smelly slant/fin model ...

    This is a slant/fin TR-DV-30PT, riello BF5

    The direct vent is on the north side of the house (I"m told this is the worst place, but the only place it could go due to code and the window /deck on the other 2 walls.

    The furnace is cleaned yearly before the winter season starts.  The cleaning helps the issue, but it gets progressively worse as the season goes on,  but even after cleaning it smells to what you would not want or expect.

    The test results were:

    c/o b/v 85x70W, 1-A-30, SSC126G, S-OK OSMOKE 11.5x500Degrees=81.5% EFF
  • MW1212
    MW1212 Member Posts: 5
    test results

    Looking again at the results I see what you wanted now (Not that I understand these):  I gave you a bunch of filter and nozzle numbers before in addition to the below.

    2009:  11.8% CO2 @500 degrees, 0 smoke, 81.7% efficiency

    2010:  11.5% CO2 @500 degrees, 0 smoke, 81.5% efficiency
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385

    What is your post purge time? Less than 3-4 min, no good
  • MW1212
    MW1212 Member Posts: 5
    Post purge time

    Is 2mins right now
  • MW1212
    MW1212 Member Posts: 5
    Unfortunately im told relocating is ...

    Not a possibility due to the deck on the west side and farmers porch on the east, then the attached garage takes the south side? I'm limited with options.
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