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what does the ionizer do in my air cleaner?


  • Jean-David Beyer
    Jean-David Beyer Member Posts: 2,666
    ionizer in my air cleaner

    It charges the fine dust with some polatity (I forget if + or -) so that the oppositely charged plates that follow the fine charging wire attract the dust to themselves. You clean the plates annually or more often depending on the dust levels you experience. There should be a bulk air filter, such as a fiberglass one or pleated paper, to remove the lumps first. You disconnect the thing from electric power before you open it. I forget the charging voltage, but I would expect it to be in the range of 5,000 to 10,000 volts.
  • Unknown
    edited April 2011
    i think

    ure referring to the electronic filter. The ionizer is a piece of wire that is located @ the exhaust after the bulk & electronic filters & ionizes the air with neg. ions for what reason?
  • BillW
    BillW Member Posts: 198
    Ionizer wire

    Thye ionizer wire looks like a guitar string,  and you will find it in the cell of your electronic air cleaner.  The electric current passing thru it from the power supply  charges (ionizes) particles passing by, causing them to stick to the collector plates until they are washed off. They can be replaced on most units, if broken.  You can wipe any residue off them carefully with a damp cloth, if any residue remains after washing the cell.  Wash in a dishwasher using a liquid or gel, NOT a powder cleaner.  Powder cleaners do not dissolve completely, and will leave a residue that is very hard to rinse off the collectors.  DO NOT use the "dry" cycle, as it will only bake on any remaining crud.  You also can soak them clean in a deep sink, using "Simple Green"  and hot water.  Some of the plastic deep sinks may be stained by the dirt.  The hose and some Simple Green can also be used outdoors, just don't splatter the washwater on anything, it will stain some surfaces.  Pressure washing is not necessary, and may damange the cells.
  • thats the electronic filter

    which charges dust in the air & collect on the opposite charged plate. After this, the air blows & is ionized negative by a wire {+ions are bad for some reason]. I have other ionizers without the elctronic filters & the ionizers are similar.
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