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commercial water heater used for testing - source?

BobbyG Member Posts: 79
Does anybody know where I can locate a source for this type of water heater?

Thanks in Advance!  - Bob

Intended use of heater is to supply heated water to a vessel being hydro tested.

-->a.       Unit will be operated for upwards of two days and then returned to storage.Heater unit can be storage for upwards of 1 year between uses.

-->c.       Openings for the heating sources are to be such that while in storage small animals cannot get into the heating chamber.                                                                                 i.      All intake and exhaust openings are to have covers. If covers are not attached they will need to be labeled as to which opening they protect.


-->2.       Unit must be self contained and be able to be moved by use of standard fork truck.

-->a.       Fork truck pocket are to be provided so that the unit can be picked up from any direction

-->b.      Pockets are to have protective plating as required so that a missed  lift does not hit heating equipment or controls.

 -->3.       Facilities services available at each building column

-->a.       Water supply provided at 90 PSI.

-->b.      Natural gas connection

-->c.       Compress air connection at 100 PSI

-->d.      120 VAC, 20 amp

-->e.      480 VAC, 200 Amp

 -->4.       Water temperature conditions are as follows:

-->a.       Winter nominal temperature is 54 degrees F.

-->b.      Summer nominal temperature is 68 degrees F.

-->c.       2 inch fire hose attached to outside fire hydrant supplies water at a rate of 2000 gallons per hour.

-->d.      Temperature of heated water to vessel being tested needs to be 120 to 130 degrees F.

 -->5.       Estimated heating capacity of  1,000,000 BTU.

-->a.       Optional natural gas.  1 inch gas connections are available at every column within the plant.

-->b.      Optional electrical heat and controls.  120 and 480 VAC connections are available at every column.

 -->6.       Heating element options:


Single heating chamber capable of about 1,000,000 BTU and controls to

adjust for changes in incoming water temperature and volume rates.

-->b.      Multi chamber heating units with parallel heating paths. 

-->                                                                                       i.      When combined, capable of producing 1,000,000 BTU and 2000 gallons with one chamber inoperative.

-->                                                                                     ii.     

Controls so heating in some chamber will be automatically turned off

when not needed.  And automatic valving to prevent closed loop between


-->                                                                                    iii.      Standard “Off the shelf” unit so a damaged unit can be replaced.

-->7.       Controls are to be such that the operator can tell the incoming and outgoing water temperatures.    Indications as to when electrical power is on for the unit.

Indication as to when heating source is operating.

 -->8.       Vendor to provide with heater

3 sets of operators manuals

3 sets of service manual including spare parts lists

Drawing of the heating equipment in paper form and AutoCAD format.  The cad format is for layout of equipment for testing.
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