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carlin burner j98022 / steam boiler question/problem

gypsygypsy Member Posts: 84
Something is wrong with something...  Carlin gas burner is now running (after not all day) but not running long enough to produce heat.  It seems this started with an overfilled boiler??  a radiator was removed to re tile a floor and has not yet been replaced.  Im not sure if this is the problem or not (it is a very small radiator-3 sections).  I drained the boiler down so the water showed about an inch from the top of the glass-which is where it seems to like to be, hit the breaker and the switch on the boiler and it restarted after about 20 minutes.  The burner fan? turned on and off several times before it fired up and has fired about 4 times in the last hour.  Unfortunately though its not producing any heat.... and seems dead again... will check and return...  water level ok, pressure ok, burner off, no heat... i checked the water temp at faucet and it was almost 175 then started dropping off... burner hasnt kicked back on and still no heat... any suggestions (its cold out)?

Other info... the boiler is a tankless arcoliner that was converted from oil before i inherited it.  the water is rusty.  i change the water out in the spring-its due soon.  there is no low water cut off, but there is a high water cut off.  I never-and really i do mean never-have to add water to the system.  it runs at 1 psi.  the aquastat is corroding and needs replacing-was planning on doing this soon when i flushed the boiler- and water temp is set at 175...  the high water cut off is a McDonnell 369-it says low water cut off but i was told it was wired to be a high water cutoff... the arcoliner is a 154T series eBT J3.


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