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epa ruling

does anyone know what the final epa ruling is for "shipped dry" r22 condensing units? i know that there are manufacturers that are currently making r22 air conditioners shipped with a nitrogen holding charge. these are available up to five tons.we are currently looking at replacing a 50 ton r22 condensing unit where the air handler and associated piping would be kept.is there a tonnage cutoff where a "dry" r22 unit can be produced?i can't seem to find a manufacturer that makes an r22 50 ton condenser.thanks


  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    What is Your Question???

    I tried to read your question 5 times and had no luck in even formulating an answer to your Question.....  "We are currently looking at replacing a 50 ton r-22 condensing unit where the air handler and associated piping would be kept"??????  What????

    Can you rephrase your question.?  I was lost at deos anyone............
  • Tom Blackwell_2
    Tom Blackwell_2 Member Posts: 126
    edited April 2011
    Pipe size

    If the current refrigerant piping is not type M, and sizing is correct for R-410A, then the piping could be reused. The evaporator coil will more than likely need replacement if converting refrigerants because of the higher pressure rating required. Don't know of a source for a 50 ton condensing unit R-22 at present. A major manufacturer has pulled a fast one lately-their units that have been changed to R-410A carry the catalogued ratings, but in the fine print at the end of the submittal it states that the unit has been de-rated-in the case of a 40 ton rooftop-by almost 7%. Luckily we are a design -build contractor and didn't get caught in this one.
  • Tim_75
    Tim_75 Member Posts: 44
    The ruling

    has two parts. I take it you're asking about the EPA January 27, 2009 that went into effect after the previous rules expired and are concerned with manufacture and/or import of HCFC refigereants and restrictions on the trade of pre-charged equipment with R-22.

    Pre-charged R-22 equipment was phased-out last year. Equipment can be recharged, after service or replacemnt of components, with either virgin R-22, at a level equal to or less than the original charge. New systems designed to use R-22 but not precharged with refrigerant are legal, but must be charged with reclaimed refigerant only. No virgin R-22 is to be used to charge new systems.

    No manufacturer is currently producing systems (replacement/service components excepted)or equipment designed to operate with R-22. Stocks of previously manufactered equipment may be available and are legal to sell, if manufacturered prior to 1/1/2010.
  • Tim_75
    Tim_75 Member Posts: 44
    Can be, maybe

    Reusing R-22 system components (piping, coils, specialties) is theoretically possible but not recommended. It is possible to clean all of the oil from an existing system, but very unlikely to be done well enough to work properly. The manufacture for which I work, highly recommends against reusing any components from an R-22 system in an R-410a system.
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