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Add on Wood Boiler

UncleBuck Member Posts: 1
Just bought a used New Yorker WC-90 add on wood boiler & a Superstor to save on oil heat.  Would like the controls wired so that  1. Oil boiler fires and/or wood boiler fires (if wood boiler can keep up, oil boiler won't fire)  2. Only the wood boiler fires, during the shoulder seasons we typically need heat some DHW and a shot of heat to take the chill off, but not a lot of heat. My thought is when it feels cold, go down and build a fire?

I currently have 2 zones, will add a zone for the superstor. Is this a good design?

Also, can I use an old gas hot water heater for thermal storage?


  • EddieG
    EddieG Member Posts: 150
    Dump Loop

    Controls could be simple to complex. You can do it with simple aquastats and some relays. Basically a aquastat that would mount in the wood boiler and close on a temperature fall. Wire it to make and break power to the oil burner. There is more to it than that, but it would take a lot of time to type. It also is important to pipe the two boilers properly.

     However the biggest concern is when the wood boiler is operating and you have no demand for heat, hot water, and your storage tank is at capacity. You will need some where to dump those BTU's (extra heat). I have done this multiple ways. Sidewalks and driveways work well, plus you get snow melt. But that isn't always easy to do or cheap. So a fan coil unit works well.

    Overall I would suggest you find a contractor located in your area. You could spend a little money to have him design it for you. This would save you a lot of headaches and you would know it was designed properly. After all the whole point is to save money and if it isn't designed properly, you won't save money. Check this site out, the best in the industry are here!
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