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2.5 inch Kunkle reilf valve

comfort1 Member Posts: 5
I have installed 2 new kunkle 2.5 inch reilf valves and they both leak. its a 15lb  steam system. we have changed psi gauges we hold 11.5 to 12 psi steady. The owners keep up on treatment and blow downs. need help


  • Tom Blackwell_2
    Tom Blackwell_2 Member Posts: 126

    That is not uncommon for Kunckle relief's. Have you tried manually lifting them to see if they will re-seat? Otherwise, either 2 new valves or try another manufacturer, such as consolidated. I feel your pain...
  • Hen
    Hen Member Posts: 56
    Leaking from where?

    Leaking from where? Where you screwed the valve in? Or is the valve discharging due to high pressure? Is this residential boiler?  Is this two boilers? TWO relief valves on the same boiler??  Could you attach picture(s)?
  • comfort1
    comfort1 Member Posts: 5

    It is one Boiler for a laundry, 3 valves have been tried they all leak out the discharge, we have installed 3 different psi gauges it never goes above 12lbs.
  • comfort1
    comfort1 Member Posts: 5

    Thanks Tom  What do you know about Conbraco brand?
  • Hen
    Hen Member Posts: 56
    Relief valve goes off?

    NOT A PLUMBER.  Pressure relief valve goes off? I would suspect pressure gets too high.  Pressure gauge reads never more than 12 lbs?  Some pros would know for sure, but many of these devices are not high precision devices so 12 lbs on the gauge may be only 'about' 12 lbs  and may be high enough to trip the 15 lbs relief valve.

    Is this a steam boiler that also heats the house and also makes hot water? Could you  attach pictures?
  • Charlie from wmass
    Charlie from wmass Member Posts: 4,322
    What is the boiler rated for pressure?

    The relief may be too close to the pressure you are running. What is the model and make of boiler?
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  • comfort1
    comfort1 Member Posts: 5
    2.5 inch Kunkle valve

    Boiler is rated for 15lb steam it is a keewanee it is over 20 years old. Boiler provides steam for dryers and has a coil for domestic hot water.
  • comfort1
    comfort1 Member Posts: 5
    Iam a plumber

    Old one started to leak ordered a new one 3 times they all leak. is steam psi different then water psi?
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,111
    Valve sizes

    Even though that valve is sized for 15 lbs is it sized to the proper btu ? I have even seen some boiler manufactures ship smaller  rated safeties with there boiler then what is really needed .Example 1.5 mbtu boiler valve from the manafacture only rated for 975 btu did the valve weep yeap was the boiler pressure to high no beacause the boiler operate on a vaporstat replaced the valve with the properly rate valve and the valve weeping stopped ,big differene you bet old valve from the manafature was about 100 buks or so proper valve was about 225 so you tell me who cutting corners ? By the way the inspector and the  original contractor did not pick up on it .I got the proper valve and that was the end of the weep safety .Safety valves are rated for pressure and btus hek your boiler rating plate against the valves btu rating.Peace and good luck clammy
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