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Balanced Port TXV

How many use the BP TXV ? In what applications ? Did you use the BP TXV to solve a particulator problem?Was the problem solved?


  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    Balanced port TXV

    Just to clarify for those who would like to know:

    The balanced port TXV is intended to maintain refrigerant flow levels during low ambient conditions. This allows the evaporator to operate at or near design conditions, even when the ambient temperature is low.

    We typically use a balanced port TXV when the head pressure of the system varies greatly, when there are varying pressures across the TXV, when the evaporator load varies greatly or when there are very low liquid line temperatures.

    By the way, the balanced port TXV looks just like any other TXV. You have to look up the part number to identify it as a balanced port TXV.

    Carry on gentlemen!
  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144

    Does that mean the BP TXV works better w/ a condensor fan cycling  control as compared to a HeadMaster hi side pressure device?
  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144

    How low of a head press can the BPTXV  function @ ? How low of an ambient? How cold can the  liquid freon get? If the evap load is constant and the remote cond unit has a cond fan cycling control, which type of TXV is better/proper ? And,say, a 2000lb a day ice machine ,that evap load  will vary greatly,w/ cond fan cycling ,which type of TXV is better/proper?Thank You !  Thank You!
  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144
    BP TXV again!

    I am  using a Sporlan BP TXV # BFVE-A-C  for R22 .It is rated for 1 1/2 ton - 3/4 ton.Under what conditions is it considered a 3/4ton  valve ? Under what conditions is it not?The evap temp is 15-20*F  & this is for a chiller system  for lobsters
  • Eugene Silberstein_2
    Eugene Silberstein_2 Member Posts: 349
    edited May 2011
    Mass Flow Rate


    The TXV, as you know, is intended to maintain constant superheat in the evaporator/chiller. For a medium temperature system operating with an air-cooled condenser, you are looking at a net refrigeration effect of about 70 btu/lb. With this, the mass flow rate per ton is going to be about 2.9 lb/min/ton (200/NRE).

    Just as water pipes, lanes on a highway and conductors of electricity have capacities, so do the needle and seat assemblies on TXVs.

    The 0.75 to 1.5 ton ratings on the valve provide for the range of flow that will be passing through the needle and seat assembly.

    With a mass flow rate of 2.9 lb/min/ton, the valve will safely handle a flow rate of 2.25 to about 4.5 lb/min.

    Hope this helps.... a little.

    Enjoy your long weekend!

    I hear your superstar is coming back to work next week...
  • ddlong1286@yahoo.com
    [email protected] Member Posts: 139
    When in IA

    We switched to the balance port Sporlan kit. We used it for 95% refrigeration use, but every once in a while would install on an AC system. Loved the Sporlan kits. Now that I don't do refrigeration, don't carry a kit anymore.

    Techman, do you carry the Sporlan kit with you? Flare and solder bodies?

    I don't see why you would not use a BP txv in any system?

    Don in MO
  • ddlong1286@yahoo.com
    [email protected] Member Posts: 139
    edited May 2011
    Sorry about the double

  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144
    bp txv

    Hi Don,no kit yet! I am checking it out .Have fun this summer!
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