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Wood Boiler Feeding 2 Buildings

James Day_2
James Day_2 Member Posts: 191
I have a project that I want some outside advice on.  I have a customer who wants to install a indoor wood gasification boiler in one apartment building and have that boiler feed that building and the one next door.  The wood boiler wood be a 300,000 btu wood boiler and it will be feeding one building with a 100,000 btu oil boiler and another building with 180,000 btu oil boiler.  I drew a schematic of the way I am thinking of designing it but would like some opinions if there is anything I should change or simplify.       Thanks,   James


  • James Day_2
    James Day_2 Member Posts: 191
    wood boiler

  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 22,142
    edited March 2011

    that is a workable plan. Do you need them primary loop at the boilers? If you do not need different temperature zones you could parallel the buffer tank into the two boilers.

    Maybe even use a delta P pump with zone valves and priority for the DHW.

    With that much boiler hp what size buffer are you considering. Unless you have someone "tending" that wood boiler you may want a large buffer and additional storage capacity it can offer for through the night wood heat. It's hard to fire a wood boiler to ever changing loads unless someone is on site and keeping an eye on the incoming weather.

    I like the buffer/ separator tank, but maybe add another large storage. For quick heat up the boiler feeds maybe a 120 gallon buffer/ separator, then loop into maybe 500- 800 gallons of large buffer.

    I have a 40 kw wood boiler connected to a 50 gallon ThermoCon buffer with a 500 gallon (former lp tank) tied into the ThermoCon. A delta T controller charges the buffer when the boiler hits a high temperature, maybe 180F. Then the buffer can also load back into the ThermoCon with another delta t function.

    Sorry about the rough drawing it's late.

    Forgot to put a pump between the ThermCon and the wood boiler loop, sorry.

    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • James Day_2
    James Day_2 Member Posts: 191
    wood boiler

    thanks hot rod,

    I'm not going to be able to fit 500 gallons of storage, i am thinking of a 120 gallon boiler buddy i would be able to fit in the room.  I don't need 2 different temps, i was over engineering a little bit.  I like your idea alot better, it keeps the wood boiler and the oil boilers still seperate so they don't try and heat each other.   

    Thanks,  James 
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