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Help with Installing Wireless Thermostat


I currently have a single zone heating system, and the Honeywell thermostat for it is located on the ground floor of the home. 

Similarly, I have a single zone cooling system, but the Thermostat for it is located upstairs.

Both thermostats are hard wired currently.

The problem I have is that I would prefer if my heating thermostat is upstairs.  Ideally it should be in the same location as the cooling thermostat is, as that is a very "neutral" area of the house.  With its current location downstairs, the thermostat shuts off too quickly, without the heat reaching upstairs sufficiently.

But I want to avoid having to run new wiring throughout the house. With the existing wiring that I have, is there a way I can install a wireless thermostat that controls the heat from upstairs?  Is this easy to do, or do I need to hire a professional plumber/electrician?  Any guidance/instructions would be greatly appreciated!

Are they theromstats that have both hard wiring and remote options in one and th same unit?  Ideally I would like to buy I unit that I can install upstairs, and keep hard wired to the cooling system, but at the same time it should wirelessly connect to my heating system downstairs?  Any suggestions?



  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,572
    honeywell/tekmar missing the boat

    even though honeywell make the prestige wireless, a lot of it is battery powered, which could cause problems when the batteries give out.

    what they [honeywell/tekmar/et al.] should do is to enable the control signals to go through the house a/c wiring, like the old radio shack intercoms. that way, you would have no worries about the prestige batteries, or wireless interferance. most situations where wiring is hard to run can also be low signal areas.--nbc
  • Big Ed_4
    Big Ed_4 Member Posts: 2,076

    With the wireless Honeywell thermostat , the thermostat is wireless but the module is wired to the heat control and needs a 24V power source . ... The HW unit comes with a return duct sensor so after three years and if you choose not to act on the thermostats three month low battery warning signal . The heat still will maintain around 62 degrees until you change the batteries .. If you don't have warm air the sensor can be located in whole or take the thermistor out of the probe in hang it in an unconditioned or conditioned area . With the wireless you can move the thermostat all around the house , you can take it to bed with you ... I am sure it has it's limitations but I have not notice with the units I installed ... There is a Red link unit that only connects with another Red Link control so just be aware of the model you choose .
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
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