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Weil Mclain or HT SuperStor indirect water heater

agn Member Posts: 6

We have to replace our 40 gallon indirect hot water heater. Our choices have come down to the Weil-Mclain or the HT SuperStor indirect water heaters.

Does anyone have an opinion regarding the quality of the two and the how well the companies stand behind their warranties?

Also the Weil Mclain has a tank-in-tank design while the SuperStor is a coil-in-tank. Does one design work better than the other? Can they both be flushed? The Weil-Mclain documents make it look like there isn't a drain valve.




  • Jean-David Beyer
    Jean-David Beyer Member Posts: 2,666
    W-M vs. Su[erstor.

    I have a W-M, and never had a Superstor, so I cannot comment on the relative merits of either. My guess is that if properly sized and installed, either could work well. I imagine it is like boilers: there is more difference due to the quality of the installation than there is between one boiler and another of the same general type.

    You are right that there is not exactly a drain valve on the W-M. There can be one on the top of a W-M, if a boiler drain valve is put there. You run a hose from there, always down, to a suitable drain. And then syphon it out. I have not tried that. But the installer has to install a suitable dip tube (with no back-syphon preventor hole in it) to the bottom of the tank. I do not know how close to the bottom the dip tube that W-M can suppply for this goes. I Have one, but have never tried it (no drain in garage, where it is).
  • agn
    agn Member Posts: 6
    Weil Mclain or HT SuperStor indirect water heater

    Thanks JDB.
  • Henry
    Henry Member Posts: 995

    The HTP is the ideal indirect heater. We have started to install them over other units with better results. The S/S construction and warranty are a plus.

  • agn
    agn Member Posts: 6
    Picked the HT Superstor

    Thanks - we decided to go with the HT Superstor. It was installed this morning.
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