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Black iron press fittings

pipe4zen Member Posts: 108
Anybody using this yet:

<a href="http://www.fastlockfittings.com/">http://www.fastlockfittings.com/</a>

I wonder if the price is lower than that copper press. The manufactirer is Cimberio from Italy, they have decent valves that I used in the past.


  • Gordan
    Gordan Member Posts: 891
    Time to move to NYC...

    ...because now I've seen everything! :-)
  • Eric_32
    Eric_32 Member Posts: 267
    It was...

    only a matter of time...

    gotta save some time for sure..
  • MikeyB
    MikeyB Member Posts: 696

    Looks nice, but I don't think they are approved for gas yet?
  • Charlie from wmass
    Charlie from wmass Member Posts: 4,322
    They are suppose to be

    rated for steam. They only come up to 2". Just one more way for monkeys to mess up jobs. I think most people who would use them on steam would rather solder copper anyways. 
    Cost is what you spend , value is what you get.

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  • EddieG
    EddieG Member Posts: 150

    Last I checked they were not approved for gas. I want to check on pricing again. Last time I asked a couple of my salesmen, they looked at me like I had 2 heads. I love copper press, so these seem like a no brainer to me. Gas would be a big plus. What about steam? Guess I should check the site again.
  • pipe4zen
    pipe4zen Member Posts: 108
    not approved for gas

    not approved for gas, or fuel oil piping.

    But if fittings are about the same as copper press, yet black pipe is cheaper than M. this may become common piping for hydronics. I think Europe uses more of this type fittings over copper.

    As far as craftmanship/workmanship, you will always have those that can ugly up any type of material. Over 20 years ago I was installing Victaulic fittings on Union commercial/industrial jobs, and I can assure you our pipefitting was second to none.
  • Mark Eatherton
    Mark Eatherton Member Posts: 5,853
    Got gas??

    Propress G series is approved for natural gas and LP, as well as 15 # steam.


    Page 12

    It's not so much a case of "You got what you paid for", as it is a matter of "You DIDN'T get what you DIDN'T pay for, and you're NOT going to get what you thought you were in the way of comfort". Borrowed from Heatboy.
  • RobbieDo
    RobbieDo Member Posts: 131

    I have used Propress on steam, have to change the o-ring. Some of them have been installed over 1.5 yrs and no issues.
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