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Tankless coil system

MOOKY Member Posts: 3
Having a problem after repair guy came, hope you can help. Had no heat because he forgot to turn my side (upper 2 floors of home) back on after fixing lower floor air purge. The heat and hot water is better than it's ever been. The problem is that I'm getting alot of heat even with my thermostats (2, one on each lvl) are down all the way. It's 79 degrees in here with the windows open. He told me on phone to flip switches on these parts (zone valves I believe)where thermostat wires connect. It seemed to help for about an hour but now it's a oven in here again but still not nearly as bad.

I'm wondering if I switched the correct switches and want to verify. He said he had left something on manual and now it's set to auto by me flipping switches...But like I said I think we had some hiccups in communication. This is the piece I adjusted and should I turn lever back where it was (they...There are 2 zone valves side by side) or is that correct?  This is not my actual pic...levers were laying almost flat, I pushed the towards the ribbed end until they stuck straight up and clicked.

<img src="http://www.homeadditionplus.com/images/home_pics/Zone_Valve.JPG" width="308" height="267" alt="" />

And can my heat issue be related to him boosting up the water temp on boiler itself? Like I said water is much hotter now as well...

Help me pleeeeaaase!


  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    That pic

    is showing the position of the zone valve head in the automatic position. He left it open manually if the lever was closest to the piping. If it is open manually, it will get hot upstairs. I'd check all of them. I don't know why he would need to open them if he was working on your tankless coil
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385

    raising the water temp won't cause that. It will take some time to cool down, but if you still feel heat from the baseboards with the thermostats turned down, call him back
    MOOKY Member Posts: 3

    not sure. I wasn't here when he 1st was diagnosing why the lower lvl wasn't working. Only when he came back today.  But great, you verified that it's where it should be now and I understood him correctly. So now my only remaining question would be, why am I still getting heat (mind u not nearly as much but enough to make it too hot still) with the thermostats turned all the way down?
    MOOKY Member Posts: 3
    edited February 2011

    Just saw your second post. Thanks ALOT for the help. at least I know I didn't do something I shouldn't have lol. Piece of mind is priceless.
  • Im_in_Heat
    Im_in_Heat Member Posts: 1
    too much heat

    You should turn the switch off to the boiler and demand he comes back to check on things, either this evening or first thing in the A.M. Truth is it can be a few things that are wrong. Hard to narrow down, but yes start with making sure the zone valves are closed. It will be about 1/2 hr to an hour before the baseboard cools to the touch. Meaning you may just be feeling residual heat.
  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Taco Zone Valve TS:

    Do this:

    Make sure that the levers on the zone valve are "up" and off. The lever must be at the top of the valve body, like the one in the picture. Turn off ALL power to the boiler. I see electricians wire the zone valve transformers outside the burner circuit. Turn it off in the panel. After the power has been off for 5 minutes, go to the valve head and try to push the lever down. If the lever is at 1 O'clock and it is closed, it will be open at 5 O'clock, pushing the lever down to two O'clock will be easy but you will meet hard resistance. With force, you can push the lever down to 5 O'clock. With the levers at 1 O'clock (off), turn on the power. Check the levers. They should be the same. Turn up both thermostats. After three minutes , check the levers. They should easily go to 5 O'clock when you push them. The pipe through the valve should get hot. The valve is opening properly. Turn the thermostats down all the way. After three minutes or more, check the levers. They should be at 1 O'clock and when you push them, they should hit resistance at 2 O;Clock.. If this is so, the valves are operating properly.   With the thermostats off for an hour, both pipes through the valve should be cold. If one is not, disconnect the three wires on the valve. Take note how they are connected. Many of us will wire it with three wire thermostat wire with Red on #1, the top, white on #2, the middle and a green on #3, the bottom. If the whites are on 2 and 3, it becomes complicated because of the wire coloring.

    Let us know how you make out. We'll walk you through it.

    OBTW, the levers are always at the top unless you need to by-pass the valve and open it manually.
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