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oil/fhw/baseboard - Slow heat on 1st floor

kanelandkaneland Posts: 2Member
The 1st floor of house can take a very long time to reach the desired temp (ie 67deg) on colder days. The thermostat appears to be calling fine and the baseboard will heat up but after 6-7 hours the temp may only rise 1 or 2 degrees. The 2nd floor and finished basement both heat up just fine (sep zones). The zone valve is opening (also tried swapping the valve heads between zones - no difference). I would suspect the circulator pump except the 2nd floor does not have the issue. Any thoughts?

Boiler is 6 years old.


  • billtwocasebilltwocase Posts: 2,385Member

    the 2nd floor will gravity feed better than a 1st floor. Depends on the piping, so you could either have a bad circulator, not enough baseboard, under the baseboard covers are being restricted by a rug or something, or the temp is too low on the boiler. Need more info and pics
  • kpg2010kpg2010 Posts: 9Member
    slow heat

    Has this been an ongoing problem or is this something new? Also on a call for heat feel the return coming from the 2nd floor or basement and compare it with the 1st floor return. Should feel the same. Not close to the return manifold but back down the loop a few feet.
  • kanelandkaneland Posts: 2Member
    Additional Info

    Problem has been occurring sporadically for last year +

    I was told that the baseboard on the first floor is more than enough

    The baseboards are not covered by rugs, etc

    During recent issue I checked the pipe temps - a few feet from the manifold:

    1st floor out - 117

    1st floor ret - 106

    2nd floor out - 111

    2nd floor ret - 105

    (The temps have gotten higher those were just the temps at the time I measured them)

    Boiler temp ~180

    Pressure ~12
  • EddieGEddieG Posts: 150Member

    As Bill suggested, pictures would be helpful. Where and how did you measure those temperatures you posted? Something is a miss, boiler 180 and supply temps just over a hundred? You have some flow issues.
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