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Veggie oil.... in oil....?

kcopp Member Posts: 4,441
Here in NH I am hearing of problems w/ soot and Coke buildup on turbulators as a rumor of oil quality issues. Suposedly there was am issue w/ Peanut or veggie ol,that was not food grade and it was added straight to the oil mix at  the regional depot... (not as Bio fuel) now there are these issues poping up all over So. NH and Maine.... adding 4in1 Hot or FuelRite does not help)  Anyone heard of this happening elsewhere? kpc


  • Big Ed_4
    Big Ed_4 Member Posts: 2,806
    Corn Oil

    Years back New York started adding corn oil to #2 .I think under the guide lines under 15% it does not have to be advertised Bio ... Toward the end of the season the problems increased ... My guess they were dumping more stock ... Hillary was pushing for the big seat and was looking for friends in Iowa ... My guess again but a good one... Any way we had an increase in hard starts and carbon build up ... Increasing pump pressures and flame angles helped .. Also using Semi Solids like the Delavan W .. I am a big fan of the W anyway ..

    Also tank whistles started to fail . They grow this black growth on the bottom of the whistle tube in the tank . I noticed some tanks had a continuous problem over others ... A bent boiler brush though an unused tank tap and brushing the tube was a quick fix .. Boat anti fowling paint by dipping in the end of the tube may be a long time solution

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