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Clicking on main

What might cause a ticking sound in the main pipe?

I hear what appears to be water hammer in the main pipe when the boiler first fires. It has a steady beat clik, clik, clik, clik......then it makes a sound similar to what a straw makes when you get to the bottom of your drink. Then it goes away!!

The sound is new, (Ijust installed 2 Gorton #2 in antler setup.

could it be pitch? it pitches towards the return about 2 inches in 20 feet...

clogged return? (get a small clik also, (like wallstud expansion sound)

any thoughts, It is extremely anoying sound,I spend alot of time in basement...


  • new gortons=clicking sound

    take a magnetic level and check the main every few feet for proper slope. the average pitch might be right, but there could be some sags in the line which hold some water. check the horizontals of the antler also, for as they may face out, in line with  the slope of the pipe, they are reversed in flow. if i twist round my antler to be pointing downstream, they would in fact be wrongly pitched, as the end would be lower than the start of the antler.

    i presume there is insulation on the main pipes, and header?

    as you examine the pitch, look also for binding points where there may be rubbing of the pipe as it grows in length due to thermal expansion, perhaps through a wall. those noises are very hard to track down as both the pipe, and the wall are acting as a sound box. maybe a mechanics stethoscope would help.--nbc
  • Shuttle
    Shuttle Member Posts: 24
    edited February 2011

    Thanks NBC! Good points...

    To answer your questions:

    Near Boiler piping is insulated then uninsulated as it enters basement living space...the

    first 15 ft of the mains have no pitch! (they are stuck against finished ceiling. After 15 the are pitched about 1/8 (according to torpedo level) and they get to be about 1/4 at end. (34 ft total)

    I have them fully insulated at last 5 ft of main (cold laundry room)

    my antler setup is simple,7 inch rise and 8 inches away from main

    it is sloped so condensate drips back in (see attached torpedo level)

    (are the gordons facing the right way?) (Does it matter)

    Any changesyou guys suggest?? (Really appreciate all input) I really believe the

    clicking begins right where the fire extinguisher is (thats about where pipe begins to

    pitch down

    Thanks again for ur knowledge
  • clicking in main

    try some insulation on the pipe to see if that stops it. maybe half inch roll with the foil backing would keep the steam from suddenly condensing, but still give some heat to the basement.--nbc
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