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Bacharach Fyrite Insight Anyone?

maineheatmaineheat Member Posts: 4
I am getting ready to purchase my own digital efficiency tester.  My co-worker has a Wohler which cost a mint.  I was considering the UEI Smartbell, but I have not read good things about it.  I really didn't want a Bacharach because of the cost of recalibration.  BUT, this new Bacharach Fyrite Insight looks like it might be the ticket.  Does anyone here have one?  They say that you do not have to send it away to be calibrated, just change the CO sensor every six months and send them the old one.  How much does this cost?  Any info would be great.  Oh, by the way, the unit runs about $945.  My friends Wohler was $1800.  Thanks


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