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EeMax element failure

RodB Member Posts: 3
I have a EeMax EX380T@T@ 38kW/240v tank-less Hot water Heater. It worked fine for 6 mo. than starter burning out elements every 2 to 3 mo. Have work with factory reps who were helpful and even sent complete replacement redesigned unit. Still no change.

The four element system will lose 1 or 2 elements at a time.   We are at the point  where of chucking the system. Anybody have experience with EeMax.

I have a double shower and a Jacuzzi.



  • bob eck
    bob eck Member Posts: 930

    I take it you have your Eemax on the wall. do you have any hot water faucets lower than the eemax unit on the wall. some times when there is a faucet lower than the unit you can get air into the unit and if this happens as soon as the unit turns on pop goes the element. try putting a spring loaded check valve both on the cold inlet water line and the hot outgoing water line. unit must be filled with water all the time. do you have the option of going with a tankless gas water heater? Nat gas or LP gas?
  • RodB
    RodB Member Posts: 3
    EeMax burns up elements

    We have added a spring loaded check valve to the cold water side. No change.

    No one at the factory could give me a reason to put one one the other side. The check valve would prevent  any back flow of water or air.

    We also replaced the regulator with a digital one and added an air release valve to the inlet.

    The unit is in the basement and all of the faucets showers etc are above. There is one faucet in the basement. The routing goes up and over than down to it. It is  less than two feet lower but unless air travels down its not a problem. It is also seldom used.

    We of course  always run the water  to purge the lines as perscribed by EeMax.

    I also noticed that when running two showers, if one is turned off the unit resets and you get cold water for a few seconds then returns to normal. That only happened  in their newly designed second unit that they sent.
  • RodB
    RodB Member Posts: 3
    EEMAX loose element every 2 months

    Have a basement faucet below the unit but we shut it off to eliminate it now change.

    Elements burn out near the middle. I am on a well but have an electronic pressure gauge.

    EeMax has a new SS model that has a digital read out but same coils.  Any though if it would work better.

    Also would a Stiebel or some other tankless work better. Problem acording to EdMax is related to getting air in the coils.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

  • Larry Weingarten
    Larry Weingarten Member Posts: 3,338
    basic stuff

    Hello:  Do you get any air at taps?  Sometimes in late summer, wells can suck in air.  Have you had a look at line voltage or seen evidence of voltage spikes?  Does the water pressure ever go low enough to allow boiling in the heater? If there is no air in the heater, it must be something else causing the trouble.

    Yours,  Larry
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