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Bad Oil??

LFsuper Member Posts: 29
We had an oil delivery yesterday (#6 oil) About 2 hours later I got a call from the doorman saying the fire dept were at the building. Our chimney had a lot of thick black smoke coming out and somebody mistook it for a fire and dialed 911.

I called the boiler company ( brought them back today again) The mechanic gave the boiler a serious work through and we still cannot stop the boiler from smoking. We set it to the lowest rate of fixed fire and that sort of helped.

Has anybody ever heard of the bad batch of oil?

Everything boiler related is well kept and maintained including strainers, nozzle etc..


  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Bad Oil/#6 Oil:

    I just noticed that this is #6 oil. Are you sure it is #6 and not asphalt? Even if it is #6, you know that you must do a lot of different things with that stuff. Maybe it isn't hot enough. I don't remember if there's a difference between #6 oil and "Bunker C" but I think that Bunker C is a poorer quality fuel. I'd be calling the oil company and asking for some answers.

    That's a really specialized product.
  • LFsuper
    LFsuper Member Posts: 29
    same thing...

    It is the correct temperature, Everything that could be done was. Even the tech is baffled. Called oil company. they can send somebody out tomorrow to take a sample.Thanks.
  • c.t.kay
    c.t.kay Member Posts: 85
    # 6 oil

    # 6 Oil is not that difficult. It sounds like you need to find a good service company.

    There are not a lot of burners that burn # 6 oil well. We service many in the NYC area and rarely have service calls on them. Sounds like you need a better service co. With proper controls and good equipment you should have no problems.
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