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Carlin burner

George J.
George J. Member Posts: 25
I recently replaced a boiler block in an apartment building.  All I did was replace the block.  The burner, jacket, controls, etc. were reused.  After I was done, three days later the booiler sooted up.  I don't work on oil and did not touch any of the settings.  I had my oil burner technician come out.  He did an efficiency test and said it was not getting enough air.  When he added more air everything seems to work fine.  The boiler is a Burnham v905a with a Carlin burner.  The numbers he gave me were 84% efficiency, 0 smoke, and either 12 or 14% C02 I can't remember.  He said that it is running perfectly and I believe him because there have been no problems since.  When we took out the old block the top of the the sections were almost completely plugged, and the fire chamber was full of soot too.  For some reason before they would pay me they had their oil company come out to "inspect" my work.  The guy that came out said it is getting way too much air and needs to be set up according to the book that is on site.  Is there a setting in the manuel that it is supposed to stay at?  Or does it go by the combustion test?  I would think every situation is different  and it would go by the test but I don't work on oil burners.  I am afraid to put it back where it was because I don't want it to soot up again.


  • akboilerworks
    akboilerworks Member Posts: 1
    Carlin Settings

    The settings in the Carlin manual give good guidelines for how the burner should be set up for the size of combustion chamber the burner is on.  A combustion test is required to verify that those settings are correct. If your "fuel company inspector" did not do a combustion analysis accurately then he would not know whether the burner air band settings were too high or not. Hopefully someone had gauges and checked the oil pump pressure. That is a key part too.  Good Luck
  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Carlin Burner:

    Carlin recommends a 301CRD burner with a 4.50 80 degree SS Hago nozzle and 150# pump pressure. If this is the burner you are using, that's where you should start. If you took a Carlin burner off another type/brand of boiler, you probably have the thing set up all wrong.

    Start at the beginning.
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