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Wine Cellar Cooling System

I'm building a 500 cubic feet wine cellar. I've heard conflicting views on split systems. One is that a mini split that is big enough, btus, will do the job. The other is that only a wine cellar split system will work. What's the true story?


  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144

    A ductless split is an Air Conditioner,and, a split Refrigeration System is REFRIGERATION. They are TWO different animals. Go REFRIGERATION. Wine coolers go down to 45-55*F .  A.C. can't do that.
  • WC_2
    WC_2 Member Posts: 2
    Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

    Thanks...appreciate the feedback. As I meet with contractors what questions should I be asking?
  • paul_79
    paul_79 Member Posts: 91
    wine cellar

    when i worked in napa valley wine country for a local hvac contractor years ago.we would install refrigeration systems for large and small wine cellars. The temperatures were in the refrigerating range so use refrigeration equip. also design it to have a low td across the evap coil. which means the coil will be larger than a normal evap coil. the reason is you are trying to maintain high humidity  if you have corked wine bottles. smaller evap coils with high temp differentials suck a lot of moisture out of the air thus drying out your room.  the florists have very large evap coils in there flower cases to keep the flowers moist. 
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