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Vent rite problems

<span style="font-size:16pt">I put in new vent rites # 33, 11, and 1. The problem is there are big convectors on the first floor. All are 1/4" tapping's which i put #33. On the second floor are column type radiators. I put #1 and 11's . The problem is the first floor convectors heat so rapidly that it satisfies the thermostat shutting the boiler down causing no steam to make it up stairs. If I turn the heat up to 73 they do begin to get hot upstairs but the down stairs is extremely hot. So i was looking for 1/4" tapping straight radiator valves that have small shutter less than 3/32 or adjustable but i can not find one. Thanks</span>


  • crash2009crash2009 Member Posts: 1,484
    I have a convector that is 6 feet from the thermostat.

      It is vented with a Ventrite #1.  Originally it was set to setting 8.  The problem I had was the same as yours, the convector got hot and warmed the thermostat, then the boiler would shut off, and the rest of the house never warmed up.  The way I figured out how to adjust it was like this.

    1- turn the ventrite down to the lowest setting "OFF"

    2- make the boiler come on

    3- put your hand on the fins closest to the inlet valve to confirm the convector is cold.

    4- now move your hand to the far end of the convector "the vent end"

    5- open the Ventrite #1 just enough to get steam to the end of the convector.  Any more than "just enough" will be too much.

    My convector is about 30" by 5".  The ventrite #1 setting I use is about 1.5,
  • SteamheadSteamhead Member Posts: 13,815

    a Hoffman #43. I think that'll slow it down. 
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  • ThedoctorThedoctor Member Posts: 2
    Hope this works

    Thanks for the help I found an adjustable straight steam vent. It was made by Heat-timer . Its only 1/8". So i got  1/4 x 1/8 blk bushing . Wish me luck
  • crash2009crash2009 Member Posts: 1,484
    This is how they did mine.

     It looks a little odd.  But it works good.  I have some numbers for you to compare the Ventrite #1 to the Heat timer.  All these numbers are based on 2oz CFM.

    Heat timer minimum .158

    Heat timer maximum 1.080

    Ventrite #1 minimum .020

    Ventrite #1 maximum .125

    As you can see, the lowest setting on the Heat timer is .158, if you try it and need to go lower, the Ventrite #1 at the highest setting is .125

    The Hoffman 1A is very similar to the Ventrite
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