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What are the pros opinion about this damper

acl10acl10 Member Posts: 344
I have a Effikal RVGP KS damper on my boiler. Either it functions aromatically or it can switch to hold open damper.

What are the pros opinion on this damper? Is it  a good thing? What is the best setting. Does it do anything for my gas boier with a one pipe system.

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  • Mark NMark N Member Posts: 1,087
    Vent Damper

    Leave it on automatic. It job is to open when the boiler in on and then close when the boiler is off to stop standby loss up the flue.
  • acl10acl10 Member Posts: 344

    Someone else told me to leave it on hold open because it will just create problems any one else has any comments
  • Problems...

    Vent dampers can really reduce standby losses for most steam boilers because their is so much burner off time.  However, if the damper is from the last five years, they have proven to be very unreliable.  It seems the replacemenbt motros the same manufacturer sells are better quaility.  Also, I would look to see if yor damper is under recall.  Effikal has had at least 2 recall the past few years.  Dampers from 10 to 20 years ago rarely fail.
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