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wet steam

I'm hoping some of you can help. I am having problems with wet steam and water actually coming up the pigtail and stopping my pressurotol from operating correctly. I have tried everything that I can imagine:

1) Repiped near boiler piping correctly

2) Skimmed boiler

3) Cleaned/Flushed boiler about 8 times

I'm at a loss at how to stop this from continuing. Any thoughts or advice would be helpful.


  • RodRod Posts: 2,067
    Wet Steam

    Hi-  At what pressure is your system running? It should be 2 PSI or less. You might also post some pictures of your boiler and near piping and maybe we can see something that might be causing the wet steam.

    - Rod
  • wet steam causing cut out?

    what height is the pressuretrol mounted at?

    the pigtail could have some debris in it trapping the water with a bit of pressure.

    if mounted too low and the waterline gets a bit elevated, it could pressurize the pressuretrol beyond the cut-out point. an accurate gauge [0-2 psi,] would show your exact pressure when this cutting out occurs.--nbc
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