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Ok got a call yesterday for a system 2000

The call was for a flooded basement. I got there and the boiler was set at 215/205 on the high limit. The Boiler is used almost only for domestic hot water production as the owners run a pellet stove and keep the thermostats set at 60. I have posted what the tech wrote on the burner cover after it was serviced this fall. I found the breeching pipe rotted through. The pipe goes through the foundation wall into a slate covered pit, makes a left turn and then enters the chimney at the base. no cleanout below where the breeching enters the chimney. The builder in 1950 put the cleanout door in the cellar wall at the bottom of the pit. The flue tile is spalling and I took 2 gallons of debris out of the base of the chimney.

I reduced the boiler temp to 180/160 and replaced the T&P that was still dripping even after coiling down the tank. So the question is how far off are these numbers for a system 2000? Also anyone know of a system 2000 guy near me because the installing oil company told the owners they only will service the boiler if they buy oil from them.
Cost is what you spend , value is what you get.

cell # 413-841-6726


  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    System 2000 W/Pellets:

    Charlie, from what I have read from you on this site, there is no doubt in my mind that you would have no trouble servicing this system. My only question is, why would you want to.

    Pellets cost more per BTU than the oil they are trying to save. They obviously don't care about their primary heat, and you have done the thorough job on the boiler that others have failed to do. The oil company won't service it if they don't buy oil from them. OK. But whomever serviced it in the past, did a one or two hour quickie buff down and left. Left all the things that needed attention for another day. Your day. You or I spend 4 to 6 hours getting this right and the bill reflects that. They think we are crooks. They get back the dubber that screwed it up in the first place and think they are doing fine.

    In less I think it worth it, I wish these situations health, happiness and long distance.

    I'd rather be icesailing than mess with something like this. 
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385

    That stack temp is rather low. If the baffle is still in, remove it to start with.  Next, is that hi limit is only a safety, and should be set at 205 above the burner
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385

    sorry bud, had company at the door earlier, so had to end the other posting. First, the last guy there never heard about tags? Writing on the cover?  Oh well, the co2 should be closer to 12, as said earlier stack temp too low, pull back off and look at the 12 "O clock

    position, and you may see it, nozzle is correct. I have faith in you
  • Charlie from wmass
    Charlie from wmass Member Posts: 4,200
    Ice thats how I am

    I fix other peoples messes. It puts food on my table and presents under my tree. I welcome things others fail to do right and seldom have people who do not understand they are paying for proper service with me coming in. The people do not know they are wasting money on pellets as the pellet sellers never explain the whole truth. also the pellets are bought and paid for with good cash money so they need used now.

    Thanks Bill I was figuring you would weigh in. I will see if they want me to come back and look into it further. I am concerned about opening this in the winter as I am not sure what is going on inside. I showed up for a leaking water heater so analyzer was safety on the shelf in my boiler room instead of bouncing around in my truck.

    Happy holidays and keep warm out there guys.
    Cost is what you spend , value is what you get.

    cell # 413-841-6726
  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265


    My Motto,

    There's never enoough time to do it right,

    But always time for someone else to do it over.

    Someone like me. And you.

    And that guy on HGTV, Holmes on Homes. I've seen stuff like that. Regularly.
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    Merry Christmas

    Charlie and Ice
  • Jim Hankinson
    Jim Hankinson Member Posts: 99
    System 2000

    The correct CO2 setting is 10-11%. Higher CO2 gives lower stack temp which in this particular system is about 100º too low already. The correct safety high limit setting is 205-215º as Bill noted. If the system is operating normally the burner is controlled by return water temp, not supply.

    This information is available at
  • Dock
    Dock Member Posts: 4
    System 2000 needs a chimney liner

    When I bought my 2000, I was told they will eat a masonry chimney.  I suspect that to be true of any high efficient oil burner.
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