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Which model is the biggest vent for a radiator?

acl10 Member Posts: 349
Which company and model is the biggest vent for a residential radiator?


  • rcrit
    rcrit Member Posts: 74
    Heat-Timer VariValve

    The Heat-Timer VariValve is the biggest AFAIK. It has a flow-rate comparable to a Gorton #2. http://www.heat-timer.com/En/ProductDetail.aspx?ID=36

    It doesn't have a float so won't shut off if water gets into it which can be a problem if you have wet steam.

    I myself have had good luck with them for a couple of weeks. I have a big 11 section radiator that would never heat all the way across even on the coldest day (wouldn't get past about section 5). I'm not sure if this was because it has about a 18' run past the main vent or the big sag in the middle of the rad.  In either case it gets nice and hot nice and fast. It is situated next to my unheated foyer so I really  need the extra heat here.

    I had to re-balance the rest of the system when I put this sucker on though as it really hogged the steam :-)
    I'm just a homeowner that has a steam system, take my advice with a few grains of salt.
  • Rich Baker
    Rich Baker Member Posts: 12
    Heat-Timer VariValves

    Heat-Timer VariValves do vent very fast.  The problem is mine only lasted 2 years.  This year most of mine would stay shut.  I could get them to work for one heating cycle by turning them upside down while the system was steaming, but that got to be a PITA.  Its too bad, because they make balancing the system very easy. 
  • brian_44
    brian_44 Member Posts: 59
    They can really be great...

    ...if you have a situation where you need super-fast venting. For example (as I've posted here before), I have an insanely huge radiator that is on a long pipe that should probably be vented. Problem is, that pipe is inaccessible- so i used a varivalve vent on that rad and it works GREAT.

    I would be selective where you put those, but as long as you don't have any wet steam issues, they should last a good long time. I've had them on some radiators for at least 5 yrs. Others were there before we bought the house and from the looks of it are at least 10 yrs old and still vent like a champ.
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