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Oil burner conked out- need help please!

cold_dude Member Posts: 2
First let me say I pretty much have no knowledge about burners. I have an oil burner that sits outside in a shed connected to the house because I'm near the water and have to basement. Sometimes the lines freeze, and I go outside with a heat gun and heat it up. It's the line exiting the oil tank and going to the pump. Normally after I do this, I can hit the reset button on the pump and it fires up again. Today, I'm not having any luck. I have no heat, but I'm getting hot water. The labels say it's a model "afg" series oil burner by Becket.There's a control box on the burner with an Infinitylab inc. label. The status light inside that box is blinking slow indicating Low limit enabled. There is no light on the pump indicating the pilot light is out? I see there's pressure in the system. What can/should I do? Is it a matter of reseting the pilot light? If so, how? Thanks!


  • cold_dude
    cold_dude Member Posts: 2
    it works

    Ok- it must've just took some time, now it's on. How can I prevent this? Someone told me I can run a line coming out of the top of the tank instead of the bottom and it would help. Is this true?
  • Al Letellier_21
    Al Letellier_21 Member Posts: 402
    oil line freezing

    Since you have oil fired heat, there is no pilot lite. If the oil line is "freezing up", which is actually the oil gelling due to the cold, you have to treat the oil with an additive or add some kerosene. Usually a 50/50 mix wih #2 will protect the oil from gelling. #2 oil starts to gel when the temp goes below 30. With an outside tank, you need to mix or treat

    Good luck
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