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Gorton D valve

acl10 Member Posts: 349
My Gorton D Valves make a hissing sound after the radiator fills with steam. Is that normal?


  • Alex265
    Alex265 Member Posts: 41
    From my (very small) experience

    If they do it after the radiator is filled but while the boiler is still running - this may indicate that your system develops some noticeable pressure closer to the end of the 'on' cycle (boiler runs for a long time and pressuretrol does not trip when expected).

    If they do it after the boiler shuts down - they are actually taking air in because steam is condensing, creating vacuum. It is normal, but hissing may again indicate that the pressure was somewhat high at the end of the cycle.
  • acl10
    acl10 Member Posts: 349
    Runs when boiler is on

    Runs when boiler is on and my pressuretol is set to the lowest
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,230
    If the hiss is intermittent

    after the rad has filled with steam, that's normal. These vents operate on temperature and may hiss if they cool down a bit.

    If they hiss constantly after the rad is full of steam, the vent is either dirty or defective.
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  • acl10
    acl10 Member Posts: 349
    They all do

    They all do. They cant all be defective. Is it because there is to much pressure? I have a pressure tol should it be chaged for a vaporstat
  • BobC
    BobC Member Posts: 5,407
    Pressure and air valves

    is the pressuretrol set as low as it can go (0.5 on front and 1 on inside dial)?

    Does your pressure gauge read anything (a 0-30 should be way down in the mud 1--1/2 PSI or so)? Adding an auxiliary 0-3PSI would let you know exactly what is going on.

    If the pressure cut in is 3PSI or more the air valves cannot close, they need less than 3PSI or less to work.

    Try taking a couple of vents off and boiling them in vinegar for half an hour, that should remove any calcium deposits. Keep the system off till you get them put back.
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  • acl10
    acl10 Member Posts: 349
    Pressure is set

    Pressure is set at .05 and 1. Some are new. Its only the D valves that do this the c is quiter
  • Alex265
    Alex265 Member Posts: 41
    I think that

    your pressuretrol needs to be adjusted - it does not shut down boiler at 1.5 PSI. This usually can be done easily, but a 0-3 PSI pressure gauge would be helpful. There have been several threads here discussing this.
  • acl10
    acl10 Member Posts: 349
    How do you adjust the pressurtol

    How do you adjust the pressurtol
  • Alex265
    Alex265 Member Posts: 41
    This thread may be of interest to you


    Below is my posting from this thread. I also remember someone posted a picture of a simple test rig they created for testing pressuretrols, but I can't find it now. I think I would start with getting a 0-3 PSI gauge to see what is really going on in the system.

    Most of these pressuretrols are off in the lower scale range, at least the 3 I have were all off. I did a 'live' adjustment (which I don't know if it can be recommended but it worked for me). With pressuretrol set to desired settings, I make the boiler run for a while so that pressure starts building up, and then I watch the pressure on the gauge and when it is close to the desired cut off, I start slowly turning the pressuretrol's adjusting screw (that adjusts cut-in) down until the pressuretrol trips. This always happened before the spring would go loose from the screw, which is also a possibility. Visually, during all this time the cut-in setting was on 0.5.
  • acl10
    acl10 Member Posts: 349

    Its set to the lowest already .05 and 1 how do you adjust it any lower? Please give specific instructions
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