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for my one pipe steam system.  I have 376 sq feet of EDR.  I had some contractors come in they have spec'ed units that have EDR  ratting over 450.  What would be a probably sized boiler for my house.  All my mains are well insulated and there are no missing radiators.  I can account for every riser coming off of my mains.  I currently have a 26 year old oil fired Weill mclain.  It is rated at 431 feet of EDR. I am converting to gas, so I need a gas steam boiler. I am not particularly loyal to any one brand, I am just looking for the right sized boiler. 



  • Charlie from wmass
    Charlie from wmass Member Posts: 4,322
    sizes are not that specific

    I am guessing you were quoted an Independence from Burnham as that is the smallest size that is above your edr. The next down would be too small. The installation is what makes the job on steam even more than the boiler, within reason.
    Cost is what you spend , value is what you get.

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  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,821
    Two of the most efficient gas-fired steamers:

    Smith G8-S-4 at 413 square feet EDR

    Slant/Fin Intrepid TR-30 with gas burner, at 421 square feet EDR

    Both can be down-fired a bit if need be.
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  • humhead
    humhead Member Posts: 22
    Weil mclains boilers
    1. seem to be popular in my area.  One contractor spec ed the eg-50 which I thought was kind of large.  The  EG- 45 looks like a better fit.  Also got a bid for a utica PEG 187C.  I guess everyone wants to go up a section with my boiler.  I don't want my boiler to short cycle. Am I being paranoid, or are my concerns justified? My steamer does a good job of heating my 1920's house, since I installed blow-in insulation and replaced all of my vents for the whole house.  Before the insulation and the replacing of the  radiator vents, the boiler would run a long time.  I know "STEAMER" is a big fan of wet based boiler with  gas guns, but no one in Essex county NJ  wants to install one.  Also guys are pushing the Williamson boilers claiming they are the same as the Weil Mclains.  I feel like that is a cheap marketing push.  I am from hell's kitchen so I get suspicious easily of the Rosy sell job.  thanks for your thoughts, any suggestions would be great.   

    2. Thanks

  • humhead
    humhead Member Posts: 22
    If you were in my area

    You would be more than welcome to do my install.  No one in north Jersey wants to do that kind of install.  I have read your past threads and your jobs make a lot of sense.  If you were in the North Jersey area  your phone would be ringing.  Since reading Dan's books I am a true disciple of steam.  Any other idea's would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much for working on this site.
  • jpf321
    jpf321 Member Posts: 1,568

    isn't clammy in north jersey?
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  • ezzy travis
    ezzy travis Member Posts: 10
    eg 50?

    Eg 50 is to big like you said a eg 45 is the right size with a 21/2" drop header king vale return valve and some gorton #2 main hair vents and then you should be golden

    im located in north nj
  • ezzy travis
    ezzy travis Member Posts: 10
    drop header

    a job i did in east orange. weil mclain eg 40 with 21/2" drop header
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