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Burner Soot Problem

pizzaman Member Posts: 1
I have a Burnham v 74 cleaned about a month ago and was fine until a week ago and the last several time it was to come on it failed .That being said and after removal of electrodes there was a excessive build up of carbon or soot all around the static plate and nozzle . I can clean off and re-insert and will fire but the next time furnace is called upon for heat it fails and I'm back to removal of nozzle and cleaning again.I have the settings at 1 and 8 as called on in owners manual so what could be the problem? Thanks in advance!


  • add
    add Member Posts: 94
    carbon on end cone

    i would start from checking out your z-dim. your draft over the fire and in the stack also i would make sure you have a nice empty and clean chamber.by the way what type of burner you have?
  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Soot Problems:

    Before I went that far, I'd pull the burner nozzle assembly out and hold it up vertically so the nozzle is up. Does the oil run out the end, freely? If not, the nozzle strainer is clogged. Dropping the pump pressure between the strainer and the nozzle causing poor atomization. And if so, change the filter element on the fuel filter.  Change the nozzle to the correct one. If it doesn't look too bad and it is a canister type, change the whole filter to a spin on type. If you want to do it right, install two spin on filters.

    Unless you have a Beckett burner, there is no "Z" dimension to check. And the only "Z" dimensions I have ever seen worth checking were the ones that the end cone was burning off. If you get carbon on the retention ring. the boiler is probably sooted up. Clean the boiler. 
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    add Member Posts: 94
    soot or carbon

    from the initial question looks like the burner was serviced a few weeks ago.i am assuming that all that was checked out,everybody likes to change this and that'without pulling out the vac, and the brush.so i get nice plugged boiler every other call.pizzamen is not sure if he is getting carbon or soot on the end cone or rit. head.again whats the draft and what kind of smoke reading we are getting.but again why bother lets keep on changing parts.
  • add
    add Member Posts: 94
    i agree

    i agree with you , it is hard to diagnose when you do not have enough info.maybe he just have a weak ignitor.....
  • Patchogue Phil_2
    Patchogue Phil_2 Member Posts: 304

    I am guessing that pizzaman did the cleaning himself?
  • add
    add Member Posts: 94
    i also agree

    with you from the type of information given out.by my experience i see a lot of home owners loosing and moving the wrong things ,and changing out the settings.
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