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NTI 150 combi's help needed!

Gasper Member Posts: 148
We installed 30 of these boilers in an apartment building, located on a college campus in Detroit.  We are having problems with some of the electronic boards. Also having problems switching over from domestic hot water to heating.  I would love nothing more in the world then to find a whiz tech to come out and help with our problems.  The local supplier is not much help.  The tech support way up in eastern Canada is some but not enough help.  They do not have a local hands on person that other boilr companies have.  Has anyone else had problems with these?  Yes they are installed correctly.  I am praying that I don't get no heat calls Christmas Eve or day.  Heeeeeelp 


  • Henry
    Henry Member Posts: 998

    Clifford Tate is the East Coast and Eastern Canadian tech. If he can't fix it, nobody can!


    He has been very good with us on some problematic instals. BTW, I am NOT a fan of DHW and Heating boilers. They don't work in the Great White North nor would they work in Detroit. We stopped installing instant hot water boilers  6 years a go! The flow rates of showers and the cold water 34F in Feb just does not cut it! These instant hot water things work well in moderate climates like Japan and central and lower Europe. They don't work in cold climate! 150,000 BTU should give you 150 GPH at 100 F rise. We need 145F rise and need 4 to 5 GPM of 140F water for the rain forest shower heads or other shower. Two showers at 2.5 GPM = 5 GPM of 140F = 300GPH!

    I have one now with 7 people in the house. We first provided 150GPH more than the two 50 gallon hwt. From there we went ot 340 gph by increasing the pump on the indirect. They ran out Saturday night! We willhave to go to at least 500 GPH to meet the demand. At least we DO have a Knight KBN 500 for snow melting that can handle it!

  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,443
    Whenever I hear control....

    board issues it makes me wonder about power surges? Are there just hard wired in? I have been wiring in mine w/ small surge suppressors.... Seems funny that we will not put one on a $4000  boiler w/ a control board but we will certainly have the $600 home computer on one...
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