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Basement Boiler is noisy all the way up to the 6th floor!

gybek Member Posts: 2
Ok, I just moved into this wonderful 1928 building with a boiler heater in the basement and, (what looks to be) the original radiator heater in my small studio. I am located on the 6th floor. When the boiler is turned on at night, I soon here, what sounds like, someone hammering or knocking on the pipes. (The noise is made if I open the valve on the radiator or not, btw) It emanates from what seems to be down the floors. It is quite difficult to sleep, as it is annoying, and somewhat loud. My question is, what the heck is causing that sound, and is there anything I may do to stop it! :)


  • You need to find out

    if your system is steam or hot water.  If it's steam (which I think it is), is it a 1-pipe or 2-pipe system.  To find out, look at the radiators and see how many pipes are attached.

    And then you can tell us when the hammering starts, at the beginning, middle or end of the heating cycle.  You may need to talk to the building superintendent or manager to find this out.

    What part of the country do you live in? - just curious.  Has the boiler been recently replaced? Or has there been any work done in the boiler room?
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  • Did I

    scare him away?
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  • gybek
    gybek Member Posts: 2
    lol, the weekends are long for me

    Ok, there is a pipe in at top, and one that goes out at bottom of radiator. It is a steam, then, yes? I noticed the other day, the damn thing was not "on" (no heat radiating from the entrance pipe) but it was still making noise. I didn't stick around long enough to see if it was to turn on shortly after, (needless to say, I am guessing it did?) Since it makes the noise during the time it is def one and at it's hottest... I live in Los Angeles. I am sure that there has not been any significant repairs done recently to this thing.
  • Not necessarily

    steam.  It could be steam or hot water.  Can you send a picture or describe the piping opposite the valve side.  If it's steam, there should be a steam trap there.
    Often wrong, never in doubt.
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