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Wirsbo A3030003 zone controllers

have my electric ceiling heat on untill it is cold enough ambient, which it is. tryed my radiant floor and no lights on the controllers [2] for 5 acutators [A3010522 thermal actuator Uponor]. had lightening strike this summer. turned on breaker invertently shut off. [not tripped] board lit. no blown fuses and no close on end switch to turn on the boiler. all zones opened except one which had wire off, due to wire connector fell off. put it on and the left beginning zone controller blew a capacitor. knew the right one would need replaced due to no end swith close.

hearing bad comments on internet about wirsbo A3030003. zone controllers. do i need to switch to another controller[2 needed] ? are these actuators the way to go or switch to a MVA  A3020522 wirsbo?

if this was sheet metal or a forced air gas furnace problem would handle it on my own. need people whom do radiant regularly to get me going rite direction. seeing prices mid $50's for the boards each wirsbo. where is best price place to get them and is there another brand same or better with good pricing  and where?

thank you for the help~!!

Bob Borders

Bob's Htg.

west point IA


  • Paul Pollets
    Paul Pollets Member Posts: 3,508
    Zone control modules

    we've used literally hundreds of the ZCM's and have had very few issues. We use the ZCM as the interface between the thermostat and telestat(s) or zone valves.

    All circuit boards do have a life expectancy. Get used to it. The usefuleness of the ZCM makes its price moot.  If you buy lots of them, you pay less. If you don't, you won't.  If you're a heating contractor, find the nearest Uponor distributor who can set you up with a pricing matrix.
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