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webster pump

DelDel Member Posts: 52
I came across a 2 pipe system today, older Beckett AFG burner with a webster pump.  Changed the nozzle, and it was way more plugged up than it should have been. Looked around for the filter,  no filter on the system, and I found out the owner is burning #2+ kero mix. Should still have a filter I think. So, I opened up the pump to clean the strainer, and found no strainer.  Called over the supply house thinking someone had taken out the strainer and they would have one, and one of the counter guys there said webster pumps do not have strainers. Why do they not use strainers?  Most of the pumps I find around here are Suntec, and they all have strainers. 


  • JohnWayneJohnWayne Member Posts: 27
    Webster vs Suntec

    The webster pumps are not made with strainers.  They are a little more durable and are able to pass along some of the "filth".  Suntec pumps have the fine filter built in to protect the pump.  If you are worried about the filth in the system I would swap out the Webster for a Suntec that matches up and install a filter on the supply line.  Do everybody a favor though and install a few shut off valves on the lines around the new filter so it can be changed/cleaned easily! 

    Good luck

  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Webster Pumps:

    I was told a number of years ago that Webster pumps are no longer available.

    All pumps need filters.

    I use TWO on all installs and install a second on repair. I use only spin on's.

    Without proper filtration, you have noticed the result. Plugged nozzle strainers.

    I would rather change a year old working filter than service a plugged filter that caused a lock-out and a service call. Install filters. All pump manufacturers require them.
  • SLO-115SLO-115 Member Posts: 196
    I have never in my life time

    seen one of those old webster pumps fail. I really think there indestructible. Its amazing what people will hock into there oil tank. Had a guy last year who work;d at a airport....guess what was in the oil tank.....air plane diesel (kind'a green in colour).  I perfer a general 1-a30 to get out the big stuff follow'd by a spin on.
  • DelDel Member Posts: 52
    didn't fail yet

    Thanks for the replies. Yeah, the old webster was still pumping 100PSI and cutting off at around 90 and holding.  The problem here was I think someone put a used webster pump on the unit not knowing that they did not have a filter on the system, and not knowing that the webster pump did not have a strainer.  So, the nozzle was plugged up, and the fan motor was toast as well.  We are putting in a new boiler there next week, so I'll be sure to install a proper filter as well as an extra shutoff valve.  
  • meplumbermeplumber Member Posts: 678
    Sad to see the Webster go.

    I agree with Slo.  The Webster pump could move the thickest oil that an outside tank in a Maine winter could throw at it without even blinking. 

    The quality of oil coming down the line today is the poorest I have ever seen.  When I do a change out, especially when going from an old beast to a newer high efficiency boiler, I use two filters.

    The new boilers run smaller nozzles with higher pump pressures.  A filter at the tank and a spin on at the boiler will help the pump strainer keep up.  The newer pumps, Suntec A2VA, the Riello, and the Becket CleanCut are all prone to fail when run under high vacuum.

    Like I said, Sad to see the Webster go.
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