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Wilo Iso Valves

AHerra Member Posts: 15
Has anyone had problems with the wilo iso valves. I installed two sets this saturday on a job I drove 100 miles to get to and 2 of the 4 valves leaked. They leaked from the press joint and only leaked while turning on or off the valve. Did not leak with valve in the on or off position. I normally use B&G valves but my supply house was making a switch to wilo. (profit margins in mind i'm sure). Give me your experience feedback with theses valvles.




  • SpeyFitter
    SpeyFitter Member Posts: 422
    Wilo Isolating flanges?

    I thought the Wilo isolating ball valve flanges were just webstone isolating ball  valve flanges with a green handle that says Wilo on it (never seen them, only heard they were coming out a few years ago). Could be wrong. I've never had a problem with the webstone or watts valves in either sweat or IP configurations.
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  • Wilo Iso Valves

    Here's the deal on our Isolation Valves.

    We have a problem on the larger rotating flange 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" (or "HV") valves in that there is not enough material on the valve body to seal the gasket area on the pump causing leaks (these are the only WILO accessories that has this issue).  This was determined a while ago and the solution is to use a full face gasket (now supplied in the valve kit).  Unfortunately, there is some "pre-solution" valves out there that do not have the extra gasket.

    Anyone having issues with these valves can contact their WILO wholesaler, rep, WILO RSM/DSM, WILO customer service or myself ([email protected]) to get the right gaskets.

    Contact me directly regarding labor issues this defect has caused.

    Murphy's Law at it's finest.  We spend $40 million annually on R & D and mess up a simple accessory - go figure.  Please accept our apologies for the hassle this has caused.
  • AHerra
    AHerra Member Posts: 15
    More then just 1.25"

    The valves I have installed are 3/4". So your problem is a little more wide spread then you think.  I am happy to hear you are taking responsibility for your valves. (unlike r and w). The biggest issue I have with this is my supply house where I purchased the valves had no idea and told me to just bring them back for a credit. I can't believe theses valves had a known problem, remained on the shelf, got sold, and my supply house knows nothing about it. Its hard enough making money theses days let alone having defective product.

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  • Wilo Iso Valves

    Al, can you E Mail me direct.  This is the first time I have heard of a 3/4" with an issue.  Also, I would like to know the name of the Wholesaler so I can advise the issue and take the heat for makig them look bad (the buck stops with me).

    When we determined the problem with the 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" we ran a report and contacted all customers that bought them and did an immediate recall.  If these folks didn't buy any of the known problem valves they would not be on the list.

    Anyway, I will personally get to the bottom of it (and understand your frustration).  This can not and should not happen.

    Drop me a line please...
  • AHerra
    AHerra Member Posts: 15


      I will forward you a picture from the defective valve in action. I am going to go change them tomorrow night. The valve was not leaking at the gasket. It was leaking from the press on the solder side. Only leaked when turning on and off the valve.


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