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In Wall Cooling Fan

brooks_2 Member Posts: 1
my boiler room is hot, only has one ventilating grid in wall... i've installed an in-wall fan, but am concerned the air is flowing in the wrong direction - blowing warm air out of the room, possibly removing combusion oxygen from the room... should the fan be turned around to blow cool air into the room?



  • Jean-David Beyer
    Jean-David Beyer Member Posts: 2,666
    Curing problems instead of symptoms?

    I know nothing about your installation, and I am not a professional, but your post makes me want to ask:

    Have you investigated why your boiler room is too hot? It may be that you have pipes that need to be insulated. If your boiler is as old as the one I had removed, perhaps the boiler needs to be insulated also. (Since I am not a professional, I would not dare attempt to insulate a boiler myself.)

    While I could be wrong, it is my understanding that a boiler room needs two vents, one withing 12" of the floor, and one within 12" of the ceiling. Their area is specified by the code, at least it is around here. This area depends on the air consumption of the boiler, for one thing.

    I think it is strange that this is required for my boiler that sucks its air directly from outside, and blows the exhaust directly to the outside. A professional here might be able to tell me why. No problem for me, since the vents were already there.
  • Jack
    Jack Member Posts: 1,046
    YOu may have a couple different things happening here.

    First of all, is the fan solving the problem of the hot boiler room. Is this for a home or commercial space. A few more system details can help draw a finer point. Depending upon how tight the boiler room is to the rest of the house you may be creating boiler problems due to lack of combustion air. If you turn that fan around and blow the boiler room air into the house make darned sure you have not adequate but superior and redundant CO sensing. Assuming your boiler is atmospheric it is always happiest with neutral atmosphere surrounding it. Tjernlund.com for some interesting fan/combustion air options. I represent them so, bias noted. That said, they can help you.
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