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Scrap CI Prices,

Had a few old CI rads on feet that had seen their day,, pressure testing revealed the cost to repair was not feasible. Called the scrap-guy,,, long story short,, he said they are not actually CI, but "tin",,,, I told him to "take a hike",,,anyone ever heard of these things being taken for tin?, they are some very old Gurney`s.


  • Brad White
    Brad White Member Posts: 2,398
    edited November 2010

    Hi Dave!

    I am lucky enough to have  working Gurney's in our "new" house, very stylish once I get the darn covers tossed. Try to win that argument.

    But yes, CI as scrap, I have seen fifty cents a pound down here and by weight and effort, too much labor for too few sheckels.  Really the prices are all over the map. Pennies per lb.,  never over a dollar and depends on how much you have at a time to be worth the trip.

    When I sold my older house recently, I had a collection to get rid of. I did not pay nor get paid to have them hauled. I was happy with that. Not just radiators, but a big old porcelain enamel tub. Two happy people. (Me and the scrap dealer and no, not in the tub. :)  )

     I think in your case the term "tin" is a phrase, not metallurgical.  Tin costs a lot more than iron, about  $10 per lb. last I looked. The price of solder tells me this too. Maybe tell him that yes, they ARE tin and see if he bites? :)

    Too bad they cannot continue their lives as radiators. Eventually they may continue as Chinese automobiles and bench vises. Keep searching!
    "If you do not know the answer, say, "I do not know the answer", and you will be correct!"

    -Ernie White, my Dad
  • Charlie from wmass
    Charlie from wmass Member Posts: 4,331
    I think he means steal not tin.

    If I could get 55cents a pound for cast iron I would be happy. Ti prices , as in sheet metal scrap are by the gross ton and often under $90 per gross ton but some times over but seldom. Commodities are fun at times. How many pounds in a ton of scrap steel? Heres a hint it is not 2000 pounds.
    Cost is what you spend , value is what you get.

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