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Best control for single pipe steam heat

I live in a building with a single pipe steam system that services about 20 units. We are continually overheated and the settings on the controller seem to make little difference. We have a Heat Timer EPU-CH that is probably over 40 years old. We have 4 of these controllers in our complex. Looking for replacement suggestions that might better monitor the heat inside the units to keep us for getting overheated. Also a web interface for control and monitoring would be ideal. Any suggestions on controls and resources to evaluate our systems would be appreciated.


  • michael_43
    michael_43 Member Posts: 11

    Look into the Heat Timer MPC steam controller. The stand alone control works well but if you add the remote communications package the building will save a ton. 
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,022
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    temperture average t/stats

    take a look at white rodger temperture averaging thermostats i have removed heat timer set ups in apartment buildings (12 unit set up )and replaced with 3 sensors and the main stat and stopped all short cyling,over heating and very very good reduced fuel usuage about 30 to 40 percent 1 st month.with much less general cyling of the boiler due to the fat that the temperture average was above the set point while the heat timer was calling for heat ,on the average of watching the heat timer run through it's cyle half the time the stat set up was not calling and  on the few times they both where calling the t stats where satisfyed while the heat timer still was calling for the unit to run,there is not a warm weather shut down with this but for about 100 bucks you can add a ranco digital electronic set point controller as a warm weather shut off ,i have installed this type of set up in both heating and a/c in both residental and commerical set up and have had excellent results with no complaints .Personally it is a way cheaper then a heat timer and just about any body can set them up as long as they have a clue and a good handle on designing control systems and an idea of what they are trying to accomplish with there design ,i fiqured it out and i am no brain surgeon and i service what i install and have yet to have any issues using the above stated set up .Peace and good luck clammy
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